On this page you will find links to some of my original arrangements for ‘cello ensembles.

The ‘cello is a hugely versatile instrument with a huge range, but not all ‘cellists are familiar with positions above 4th/5th, and this can limit available repertoire.

All my arrangements for ‘cello quartet, quintet and sextet are conceived specifically with the range and technical capabilities of the ‘cello in mind – no simple transpositions or re-orchestrations of string quartet scores. They are therefore both easily playable and enjoyable by any intermediate to advanced ‘cello ensemble.

Most parts do not go beyond 4th position, making them equally suitable for student, mixed ability groups or ‘cello choirs. A complete score and set of individual parts is always included.

I also specialise in string arrangements giving the ‘cello and viola a fair share of the limelight! Check out the links below.

Keep Calm and Play ‘Cello!

‘Cello Ensemble Arrangements

Over the Rainbow

for ‘cello quartet

Game of Thrones

for ‘cello quintet

Concerning Hobbits

for ‘cello quintet

Never Enough

for ‘cello quintet

The Rains of Castamere

for ‘cello quintet

How Long Will I Love You?

for ‘cello quartet

Let’s get Stringspirational…

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